Woodsi Sunglasses are built tough using hard woods that are laminated and reinforced for added strength.


They are also hand-crafted with FSC-certified timbers from sustainable sources. These timbers include ebony, a dark chocolate and red coloured wood with impressive density. Ebony is highly prized by wood artisans and has a tight grain with a fine texture and a finish like glass when polished and sealed with a water-resistant coating. 

Woodsi also incorporates other woods such as walnut and rosewood in a variety of ways including lamination, for added strength and durability. All the sunglasses in the range are built and reinforced to withstand normal handling treatment, and are generally protected from the elements including humidity, light precipitation, and exposure to sunlight.

Other features include stainless steel spring-loaded hinges to enhance wearer comfort, a foldable case made from tough recycled eco-card, and a cleaning cloth to care for and maintain your polarized lenses. 

And remember, Woodsi Sunglasses will reward you with many years of enjoyable wearing should you treat them with care!